With experience drawn from hundreds of software development projects, we have the capability to guide and support you through the most complex business issues with a diverse range of software solutions.

Our development strategy revolves around your business requirements, which means that you don’t get anything you don’t need!



A complex payroll processing is simplified with higher level of efficiency.

The company’s very critical system handling the most important employee retention key-on time wage processing with accuracy- was erroneous and slow. A tailor made payroll processing application with practical UI made them process the payroll across all branches in less than an hour, which earlier used to take two to three days. Hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services), the application is secure, fast, accessible and is online 24x7.

production management

Pixint increases profitability for a U.S. Metal & Alloy Company by automating its Supply Chain

The company’s backbone system was not designed to facilitate data exchange between departments. Each worked in isolation, heavily dependant on manual processes. An unfriendly UI only served to complicate things further.

Our intelligent, automated Web-based system united the company’s disparate processes. The result? Increased profitability!

hr workflow

For a Large Retail Chain, Pixint creates a versatile, ‘one-stop HR portal’ keeping its employees across the UAE connected at all times!

Employer, managers and employees were disconnected for lack of intuitive workflow. Unable to capture critical employee data, the company couldn’t track employee leave, advance, and travel and training requests – a situation that was costing them heavy overheads!

Pixint introduced a highly adaptable ‘one-stop communication platform’ which is helping HR view, review, manage, and approve employee data and requests while keeping them up-to-date on the latest corporate policies, industry trends, market reports, and much more!

certificate management

A U.S. Insurance Company’s revenue increases as Pixint automates its Compliance Process

Manually performing compliance and delinquency checks for thousands of certificates each day is not only wasteful in terms of time, but also inefficient and inaccurate as the process is prone to human error and fatigue.

Our automated solution replaced manual processes and hugely increased the quantity of certificates being processed each day. This is resulting in higher revenues!


Pixint digitizes the health & safety system of one of UAE’s most recognized steel companies, bringing incident levels down to near zero!

Although a prominent company, it still grappled with health and safety procedures and was looking for a software partner to help with its system's integration. The company had a hard time manually tracking and recording incidents through its paper-spreadsheet approach.

Our new digitized portal helps ensure strict safety measures as all incidents are now tracked, recorded and reported to the right authorities. The portal is further connected to the company’s clinic so that victims can get timely medical attention. All this has brought the level of incidents down to near zero, and production is on the upswing as shut downs and loss (incurred as a result of these incidents), has reduced!

pos - vehicle insurance

In the U.S., Pixint enables a large trucking company increase its revenue by closing more deals though POS vehicle insurance

Many of the company’s customers don’t have vehicle insurance and often return with either the wrong coverage or incorrect insured information. The company’s staff lost valuable time trying to close such deals. A manual due diligence system of mapping insurance quotes and certificates with customer data often yielded in error, which cost the company in sales revenues.

We developed an automated customer data and POS insurance management system that has significantly brought down the number of lapse and repossession incidents. More importantly, it has helped the company increase its revenues as it is able to close more deals successfully!

yellow pages

Pixint helps a Yellow Pages Company increase its site traffic by 60%

Dogged by a slow and incompetent search engine, the company’s online portal just could not keep up with the competition. In addition, search query results were both inaccurate and irrelevant, making the site's usability factor extremely low.

Harried users just didn’t see the point in returning – until we turned things around!

school meals distribution system

Pixint helps a Food Chain deliver multiple meal options daily, to children in a large school

The school ordered thousands of meals a day through the chain's online portal, which had to process orders based on several criteria – date, time, types and availability of menus, reordering, cancellation, and much more. A rather complicated process!

But our automated Web-based application got all the stakeholders (school, parents and children) exactly what they want, and when and how they want it! Parents can order their children's meals online, thereby ensuring that they eat healthy, and children don't have to carry cash, as payments can be made online.

Risk Assessment (Health Care)

Risk Assessment Application (Health Care)

Application on cloud to assess the risk of IT assets in healthcare industry based on HIPPA guidelines. This user-friendly application analyzes the risk objects, threats, impacts and more to bring out the details of impact and other related facts to help the companies to take appropriate measures.